Updated June 28, 2018

We have excellent news to report.

1.  The CDLData.com website is fully operational.  However, our NEW USER REGISTRATION and ORDERS websites are still being worked on. Current ETA is Monday, July 9th, 2018. Please continue emailing your Data Leads orders to us at ORDERS@CDLDATA.COM  as you have already been doing and we can email your completed orders back to you in timely fashion. See #3 below.

2.  The email marketing website will be up for basic business and uploading flyer's by end of business on Monday, July 9th, 2018.  

3.  The smart phone data APP's and Data Append will be fully operational for Data Orders no later than Monday, July 9th. 

As you know, over the June 3 weekend, CDL Data’s website servers were victimized by a major Cyber Attack and as you might imagine, it has been a process to rebuild our websites and recover from the attack. There was no Data breach. All of our websites are already now partly functional and getting much closer to being fully operational - including our company websites and Email Marketing Customer Dashboards.

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Services Team via email at cs@cdldata.com  or call us at (866) 377-4599.

Thank you for being patient and thank you for being a valued customer of CDL Data.

CDL Customer Service
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Celeste on GeoFarming

Lorenzy Gordon

I would recommend Consumer Data Leads to anyone who wants to grow their business. I've been with Consumer Data Leads for over 10 years and have received great customer service.

Sharon Henry
Esq. Broker Owner

I am the broker/owner of a large real estate company with offices in CA, AZ, NV and Texas.  We have been using Consumer Data Leads for over 7 years. The data is accurate and timely.  I like the fact that my agents can get on the  phone and talk to someone and C/S is exceptional. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Phyllis Rockower
President & Founder - Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles

I have used this service for several years and am always amazed that they can fulfill my “creative” requests.  If I can dream it, they can build it.  Anyone can just do  foreclosure lists. You have to go beyond that in today's competitive market.

Their lists are very comprehensive and cover interest rates, estimated value, loan totals and sometimes phone numbers.

I highly recommend their Premium monthly package.

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